Practical tips

How to get to Petrozavodsk (Russia)?

By plane and train

If you decide to travel by plain or train whatever country you come from it’s important to arrive at Moscow or Saint-Petersburg first. Then (from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg) the more comfortable way to reach Petrozavodsk is by train.

Trains departing from Moscow:

All the trains depart from the Leningradsky railway station

Number Route Departure Arrival
016А Moscow-Murmansk 00:41 16:45
212А Moscow-Petrozavodsk 12:50 07:25
018A Moscow-Petrozavodsk 21:05 08:55
092А Moscow-Murmansk 22:20 12:18

Trains departing from Saint-Petersburg

All the trains depart from the Ladozhsky railway station

022 Saint-Petersburg- Murmansk 19:48 02:29
658А Saint-Petersburg- Petrozavodsk 22:07 06:04
804 Saint-Petersburg- Petrozavodsk 06:32 11:52
806 Saint-Petersburg- Petrozavodsk 08:0- 22:55
016A Moscow-Murmansk 09:13 16:45

You can buy tickets online on

Petrozavodsk airport receives flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg (you need to specify the dates of flights for the most convenient time of arrival).


Hostel "For You"

PITER INN Petrozavodsk

Hotel "Frigate"

Hotel Onego Palace

SPA Hotel "Karelia"

“Onezhsky Zamok” (Onego Castle)

Hotel club "Prionezhskiy"

Hotel "Runa"

Hostel list (PDF)

We can send you a full list of hotels in Petrozavodsk on request.

Excursion Programme

Excursion Programme (PDF)

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